Ingrid Daubechies


Basic Sciences

5th Edition

The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Laureate in the Basic Sciences category has been granted jointly to mathematicians Ingrid Daubechies and David Mumford for their works in pure mathematics, which have strongly influenced diverse fields of application ranging from data compression to pattern recognition.


This year’s BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Basic Science goes to two mathematicians: Professor Ingrid Daubechies for her work on wavelets, and Professor David Mumford for his contributions to algebraic geometry and to the mathematics of computer vision. These works in pure mathematics have strongly influenced several fields of application, ranging from data compression to pattern recognition.

Professor Daubechies is a leader in theoretical signal processing, with pioneering contributions to the theory and application of wavelets and filter banks. Her work resulted in a new approach to data compression, with a strong impact on a multitude of technologies, including efficient audio and video transmission and medical imaging.

Professor Mumford introduced the modern approach to algebraic geometry into a classical area through his work on geometric invariant theory. He also applied tools of variational calculus to the theory of vision and developed statistical models for imaging and pattern recognition. His work has had a lasting impact in both pure and applied mathematics.