Live streaming of the presentation ceremony of the 10th Frontiers of Knowledge Awards

Next Wednesday, June 13, at 19.00 (mainland Spanish time), the BBVA Foundation will offer the live streaming of the ceremony of the 10th edition of its Frontiers of Knowledge Awards.

5 June, 2018

The ceremony will be streamed on the website of the BBVA Foundation as well as on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.

The laureates in the 10th edition of the awards are:

  • Omar Yaghi – Basic Sciences: for his pioneering work in the conception and synthesis of new crystalline materials, MOFs and COFs, of major impact in science and engineering, with potential applications that extend to capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as harvesting water from the atmosphere.
  • James Allison – Biomedicine: for providing the first demonstration of immunotherapy’s effectiveness against cancer, and stimulating the development of a new class of drugs.
  • William Nordhaus – Climate Change: for pioneering a framework that integrates knowledge from climate science, technology, and economics to identify effective policies against climate change.
  • Peter Grant and Rosemary Grant – Ecology and Conservation Biology: for contributions to our understanding of the dynamic processes by which evolution occurs in the wild, uncovering mechanisms of great utility for developing effective strategies to conserve biodiversity.
  • Shafi Goldwasser, Silvio Micali, Ronald Rivest and Adi Shamir – Information and Communication Technologies: for fundamental contributions to modern cryptology that have enabled the safe and secure transmission of electronic data in multiple domains, and underpin developments like digital signatures, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
  • Timothy Bresnahan, Ariel Pakes and Robert Porter – Economics, Finance and Management: for founding and shaping the field of empirical industrial organization, whose robust predictions of the behavior of market agents underpin the design of effective regulatory policies.
  • Nubia Muñoz – Development Cooperation: for establishing the epidemiological link between human papilloma virus and cervical cancer, thus catalyzing the development of vaccines against a disease of especially high incidence among women in developing countries.
  • Kaija Saariaho – Contemporary Music: for creating a personal, recognizable voice that exhibits a seamless interweaving of the worlds of acoustic music and technology, and is endowed with a unique quality that is almost as visual as it is sonorous.