Steven Holl



1st Edition

The Arts award in this inaugural edition of the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards has gone to the U.S. architect Steven Holl. He is known as the most European of American architects for his humanistic approach to architectural design.


The Arts prize for the 2008 Frontiers of Knowledge Awards of the BBVA Foundation has been awarded, by a majority vote, to the North American architect Steven Holl. The jury recognized in Holl’s career the contemporary values by which the prize is defined:

  1. The progressive position of the work of Steven Holl in more than 30 years of professional practice, in its rigorous discipline and consistency.
  1. The international impact of his work, his visibility in distinct cultural forums and his presence in prestigious academic circles.
  1. The quality of his realized work which has evolved a personal language and a recognizable identity. He has consistently remained apart from external, formal and stylistic compromise.
  1. The international recognition through commissions being built and in process of realization which range from private houses to major urban projects around the world.
  1. The formal, spatial and functional processes of his personal artistic vision occur today with an inspired creativity.

The jury wishes to recognize the humanistic values that Steven Holl has preserved in his work to promote social and cultural fundamentals without sacrificing his continual presence in the architectural vanguard.