Paul Brakefield


Ecology and Conservation Biology

10th edition | 3rd edition

Professor of Zoology and Director of the University Museum of Zoology at the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom).


Professor of Zoology at the University of Cambridge and Director of the University Museum of Zoology.

An evolutionary biologist, he has researched extensively into the eyespot distribution on the wings of Bicyclus anynana, an African butterfly which he has used to study the genes that regulate specific developmental mechanisms, how the way in which development builds morphologies can contribute to shaping evolutionary trajectories, and, given the species’ striking phenotypic plasticity, the roles of metabolic, physiological, and morphological traits in ecological adaptation.

President of the Linnean Society of London and of the Tropical Biology Association, Brakefield is also a past president of the European Society of Evolutionary Biology and a foreign member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences.