Isabel Noguer

Development Cooperation

10th edition

Director of the National Center for Epidemiology (Spain).


Isabel Noguer is Director of the National Center for Epidemiology at the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) (Spain). She holds a PhD in Medicine from King Juan Carlos University (URJC) and a master’s degree in Public Health from the École Nationale de Santé Publique in Rennes (France). Her research interest lies in public health and epidemiology, epidemiological surveillance, mental health and public health research.

Among her past positions, she was Head of the Office of Gender, Diversity, Human Rights and Bioethics in the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Deputy Director General of Institutional Relations for Spain’s National Plan on Drugs, Head of the Horizontal Group on Drugs during the Spanish presidency of the European Union, and Deputy Director General of International Research Programs at ISCIII.