Susan Solomon


Climate Change

5th Edition

The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Laureate in the Climate Change category goes in this fifth edition to U.S. scientist Susan Solomon, for her work on determining how human action alters the composition of the atmosphere and how these changes, in turn, affect the Earth’s climate. Solomon has contributed, through her research and leadership, to the safeguarding of our planet.


Prof. Solomon has made path-breaking contributions to understanding key drivers of global climate change, and through her research and leadership has contributed to the safeguarding of our planet.

Building on her early work, which was key in identifying the cause of ozone loss in the stratosphere, Susan Solomon has developed concepts to assess how these and other changes in atmospheric composition affect Earth’s climate. Her recent research has underscored the importance of immediate action to limit further CO2emissions by highlighting how the impacts of additional emissions, namely warming and its consequences such as changing rainfall patterns and sea-level rise, are very long lived, persisting for a thousand years or more.

Susan Solomon’s research has always been deeply attuned to, and relevant for, the pressing policy questions of our era. Her early research, fundamental to the understanding of stratospheric chemistry, led to strengthening of the Montreal Protocol to curb the use of ozone-destroying substances. Her contributions and leadership within the IPCC, and other forums, is a role model of science for the public good.